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YES, science and technology has crucial importance in a modern society!



SCIENCE MARKET aims to encourage:




YOUNG MINDS to be opened to 'try science', to learn in active way and to recognize some new role models which are not present in popular media.



SCIENTISTS to be approachable as their results should be applicable and important for the society, and not only for the academia.



THE GENERAL AUDIENCE to be aware of the fact that science is a key to everyday life improvement and progress, and that scientists can transform data and knowledge into information needed in everyday life.



o To encourage and support the development of young person's as future scientist generation

o To stimulate young people to be innovative and to seek for creative solutions to different problems

o To promote and support networking and mobility of ideas among young person's

o To offer the materials and opportunity for hands-on activities and DIY approach

o To encourage the scientist to stand out and communicate science

o To break the existing stereotypes about the "awkward" scientist

Science is present in everyday life but it is not present in media. Why? It seems that scientists are using pretty complicated words. They are super clever and that is frustrating. We need understandable explanations!

It seems to us that scientists are working hard closed in their laboratories and producing important results and knowledge. Where we can find out about their results? In scientific publications- NO, it is impossible to read such a complicated readings. Again, we need understandable explanations!

Is it possible to meet scientist sometimes? We should ask for some explanations.- Yes, but they are very busy and once or twice per year - you can meet them during some events (like Science Festivals). But, we need more!

Can you explain the science around the bottle of ketchup? - Yes, let’s do some experiments.

Science Market was created as a reaction on all this questions. There are a several events where kids with an interest and general public can 'play with a science'. But, such events are seldom and do not have a potential to reach wider population. Science Market aims to reach all! Our plan is to go out of lab and meet kids and general public on a daily basis. Our stage is supermarket, market, pharmacy, salons, restaurant, farm, street, birthday party or any event - you name it and we are there!

Science Market offers an innovative marketing coverage for your products and services. We are organizing events and parties where science is the main theme.

Let’s collaborate!



Zorana Kurbalija Novičić

Founder and CEO


Researcher. PhD in population genetics.

Akademiska sjukhuset, Uppsala University, Sweden (2017-to date)
Evolutionary Biology Center, Uppsala University, Sweden (2015-2017)
Institute for Biological Research, University of Belgrade, Serbia (2006-2015)

Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia (2009-2015)
Youth Science Center- Petnica, Serbia (2006-to date)

Science Communicator.
Center for promotion of Science (CEO), Republic of Serbia (2015)
International Science Festival Belgrade (2007-2015)
EU Researchers Night - FP7 and HORIZON2020, (2011-2018)
MARCH-Make Science Real in Schools, HORIZON2020 (2013-2016)

Fab initiative (2014-to date)

Science Market Uppsala

Mother of 3 kids.



Elda Stankovic,Graphics designer

 Designed visual identity and promo material for Science market Uppsala.

She sais:

Each of us is a special star, I am so happy that there is the place where we can shine together.

Cosima Hermans, science communicator

Researcher. PhD in evolutionary genetics. 

Evolutionary Biology Center, Uppsala University, Sweden (2010-2017)

I am an enthusiastic biologist and I am eager to share my passion for science with everyone! I particularly love working with kids and am constantly inspired by their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.


Science Market team consists mostly of researchers, and students who are passionate about science communication. We aim to have onboard all interested researcher. We aim to make an influential movement promoting a knowledge and fighting against populism and pseudoscience!


Join us!


Glimmervägen 5B

752 41 Uppsala, Sweden




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