What we do

Science in market


We aim to bring science and technology to people's everyday life. We would like to reachout to the general public, but the most important for us is to reachout to kids and youngsters.


Everybody goes to shopping. That's our stage!

Our stage is supermarket, market, pharmacy, salon, restaurant, farms, street, school or any event - you name it and we are there!


Our customers are, basically, all who is producing or selling diverse products or services.


Our methodology is creating a short scientific experiments for product our customer would like to promote. Customer gets an innovative marketing solution, kids- get active knowledge while their parents are doing shopping. Win-win situation!



We offer an innovative marketing solutions where scientific explanations are key tool for marketing coverage for different products.


Our approach is worldwide novel, unforgettable and engaging!


Let's collaborate!


Party with science

Our kids are surrounded with popular culture and mass media, social networks, games and screens, busy family life’s, consumer culture and stress and much more. 


And what about the information? Billions of information are one-click-away but are those information are proper ones? Do they know how to interpret information?


We strongly believe that the key engine for one society is EDUCATION! And we desperately need to improve the knowledge corpus. Society which has knowledge to search for sources and interpret information cannot be manipulated and badly informed.


Here is our proposal:

Let's encourage our kids to ask qustions, search for answers and be ready for lifelong learning process. Also, we are going to offer some new role models to them- people who kreate a knowledge on daily basis- SCIENTISTS!

But, in a fun way :)

We offer unique 2 hours experience of bringing a mobile science lab in your house. Every party is going to be unique and tailored by needs and wises of our customers. Kids will learn in functionaly and active way from scientists and, we promise, it will be super fun!

Science in schools


We are researchers who are experts in science communication. We argue in favor of the science relevance of everyday life and promote knowledge as a force that can build up active citizens.

Science Market is developing programs that bridging a gap between science and education. Our aim is to make science teaching more attractive to the students and to encourage students to take active part in learning process.

We offer:

Activities development: Collaborations with teachers in creating attractive hands-on teaching material for active learning

Workshops: Hands-on science activities (diverse topics) for kids in schools and daycares


Out-of-classroom scientific activities. Explore nature with scientific eyes.


Interactive lectures. Meet a scientist and ask a questions.

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